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POLY QRD 1D diffusers - an effective way of stopping FLUTTER ECHO direct sound reflections by dispersing sound energy in the room. The diffusers can be mounted on walls and ceilings and we recommend combining them with POLY50, POLY50Q and POLY100 acoustic panels.



Colour: black, white

Type: QRD N11 1D

Central frequency: 1163Hz

Range: Scatter 581 Hz; Diffuse 1163 Hz; HF cut-off 6370 Hz 

Diffusion frequencies: 1163Hz; 2326Hz; 3489Hz; 4652Hz; 5815Hz 

Dimensions: 573mm x 573mm x 130mm (±2mm) 

Material: Polystyrene foam EPS-100 EN13163:2010+A1:2015 

Flammability class: E

Installation: In accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Can be mounted to POLY series panels with special fasteners or glued to surfaces with polystyrene adhesive.

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