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Megasonus Q BASSTRAP is an acoustic treatment device designed to control and absorb low-frequency sound waves, reducing excessive bass buildup and improving the overall sound quality.

  • Soffit design with a membrane diaphragm

  • 40cm deep, excellent low frequency absorption

  • Easy stacked

  • Covered with thick, felt-like Camira Sonus fabric

  • Available in custom lenght



The square shape of the panel and the large amount of sound-absorbing material effectively reduce the reverberation time of low-frequency sound in the room. The panel uses a membrane that reflects high frequencies, increases the efficiency of low frequency absorption, and isolates the mineral wool filler from contact with the environment. Sound absorption is focused on the low frequency range (40 Hz-400 Hz). The panels are easy to install - just put them in the chosen place. It is also possible to install one on top of the other, forming columns. The Q Basstrap is light weight, so you can easily change the placement of the panels to find the best spot for this acoustic treatment device. 


Dimensions: 1160x400x400mm±3mm

Frame: wood

Acoustic fill:  Mineral wool with Eurofins GOLD indoor air comfort certificate, wrapped with polyethylene membrane

Fabric: Camira Sonus BS5867 Part 2 Type B, M1, B1

Hardware: Plastic Stacking Foots

basstrap dimensions_edited.png


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