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Megasonus Q BASSTRAP is an acoustic treatment panel designed to control and absorb low-frequency sound waves, reducing excessive bass buildup and improving the overall sound quality.

  • Soffit design with a membrane diaphragm

  • 40cm deep, excellent low frequency absorption

  • Easy stacked

  • Covered with durable Gabriel Hush fabric

  • Available in custom sizes upon request



The square shape of the panel and the large volume of sound-absorbing material effectively reduce the reverberation time of low-frequency sound in the room. The panel uses a membrane that reflects high frequencies, increases the efficiency of low-frequency absorption, and insulates the mineral wool core from contact with the environment. Sound absorption is focused in the low frequency range (40 Hz-400 Hz).  Easy to install - simply place the panels in the location of your choice. Can also be stacked on top of each other to form columns.  Q Basstrap is not heavy, so you can easily change the position of the panels to find the best placement for this bass trap. Gabriel Hush fabric is used for the Q BASSTRAP exterior finish. You can choose from a palette of 7 colours to create a variety of combinations, and the luxurious-looking fabric will decorate any space.


Dimensions: 1160mm x 400mm x 400mm

Frame: real wood, MDP; 

Acoustic core: Eco-friendly mineral wool with Ecose technology and polyethylene membrane; 

Finish: Fabric Gabriel Hush BS 476 Part 7 class 1

basstrap dimensions_edited.png


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