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Input 1 to Selected Line Out and Speakers:


Frequency Response: +0, -0.5dB from 80 kHz


THD+N: &lt 0.0025% @+4dBu


IMD (SMPTE): &lt 0.0025% @ +4dBu Crosstalk rejection: >108dB


Noise: &lt -93 dB, unweighted NOTE: Speaker outs can run at -6dB (factory setting) or unity gain (remove jumpers 3 and 4) Maximum input level: > +26 dBu


Input 2 to selected line out and Speakers:


Frequency Response : +0, -0.5dB from 80 kHz


THD+N: &lt 0.0025% @ +4dBu


IMD (SMPTE): &lt 0.0026% @ +4dBu Crosstalk rejection: > -98dB


Noise: &lt -90 dB, unweighted


NOTE: Input 2 can run at -10dBV or -16dBV (by setting JP1 and JP2. Remove for -10dBV)


Default factory setting is -16dBV to accommodate 1/8” headphone outputs of iPhones and cell phones


Frequency Response: +0, -0.5dB from 50kHz




The meter and speakers outputs are fully balanced and 600 ohm drive capable to >+26dBu.


Volume knobs track better than +- 0.5dB from unity to -40dB.


The headphone amp can easily drive several sets of cans.


Maximum output level: > +26 dBu


Shipping weight (in carton): 7 lbs.


Dimensions: 12 3/4″ Wide x 8″ Deep x 1 5/8″ High


Digital inputs:


The AES inputs lock from 32kHz to 192kHz sample rates with the following: &lt0.004% THD+N -0.2dB at 10 Hz and 22kHz (48kHz sample rate) -0.2dB at 10Hz and 34kHz (higher rates) Crosstalk Rejection: >103dB


Power Supply: 12 volt, 2 Amp (Part number PSU-SRC)


Optional Rack Kit: SRC (Source Rack Kit)


USB Compatibility:


Mac: Requires Mac OS 10.6 or higher for driverless plug and play


PC: Requires a driver for Windows operating systems (available in downloads section)

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