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WIDEBAFLE® is our acoustic baffle to be applied in large rooms. This baffle is ideal to reduce reverberation time and airborne noise in gyms, pools, cafeterias, churches, schools, nightclubs, metal buildings and multipurpose rooms. It is a mandatory tool for airborne noise control problems and a very low cost solution.

The WIDEBAFLE® is easy to install and can be assembled in very different aesthetic combinations. These sound baffles are typically suspended from the ceiling, and may also be used as acoustic wall panels, helping decrease the reflected sound energy.

And now we have another model with the same efficiency but with a different design, the WIDEBAFFLE LS® (WLS120).



• Raw material: Melamine Foam or Regular Acoustic Foam.
• NRC: 0.87/m2 [>250Hz;<10KHz].
• MELAMINE FOAM - Flame resistance: Euroclass B-s1,d0 (similar to old M1 France,

Germany B1,GB class1, USA V0/HF1).
• ACOUSTIC FOAM - Flame resistance: Euroclass B-s3,d1 (similar to old M1).• Very easy to install.
• 100% recyclable

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ATP® WIDEBAFLE® - WBF120 - RF - 120x60x8cm