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Stereo stiprintuvas Amphion Amp100 stereo



Technical specifications

Consists of two bridged modules with following specifications:

· 50Wrms into 4Ω @ 1% THD

· 120Wrms BTL into 6Ω @ 1% THD

· Patented AMS (adaptive modulation servo) amplifier technology

· 100kHz load independent frequency range (-3dB)

· Almost flat THD vs frequency

· 115dB dynamic range

· Output impedance &lt10mΩ from 20Hz to 20kHz

· Differential inputs with 0.1% resistors for improved CMRR

· Automatic voltage doubler for universal mains

· Meets EuP and Energystar

· CE approved

· +/-14V AUX outputs

· AUX output for third hanger channel

· 2U High quality aluminium rack casing with power switch in front

· 2 x Neutrik XLR inputs

· 4 x Argento Audio 3-way binding posts for banana connector, bare wire or spades.

Amphion Amp100